About Clear Passion Kennel

Dedicated to Quality

True love for Labrador Retrievers is the reason for CLEAR PASSION KENNEL existence. The Labrador Retriever’s extraordinary qualities – wonderful temperament, bubbly personality, active and outgoing nature with that proud and intelligent bearing- inspired this site dedicated to our true and loyal friend. Clear Passion’s vision is to let other people experience the same fine qualities of the labrador retrievers.
Admittedly as beginners in the specialized field of breeding, we aim to eventually raise quality specimens of this exceptional breed. Ensuring not only the right physical qualities but the proper social attributes as well, we hope that our labradors may, in the future, excel both in the showring and in your hearts as a lovable family pet.

The phenotype of the Labrador Retriever we are striving to achieve at CLEAR PASSION: dsc_0347-1

A strong & powerful dog of medium size with a strong topline that stands foursquare solid on the ground. He or she should be slightly longer than tall (not square) with good bone to toe. A good reach of neck on well placed and clean shoulders with a front and rear assembly that is balanced and with good angulation. A well developed chest with good spring of rib.
When the dog is structurally put together correctly he will have a topline that holds steady & in line when he gaits. He will have good reach and drive that covers the ground with minimum effort and efficiency. He is a sound dog that can put in a days work on the field.
The head should have a broad skull with almond shaped eyes of hazel in color. The muzzle should not be snipey, cheeky or fleshy and of proper proportions to the size of the skull. Correct ear placement with the shape and size blending nicely with the overall head. When all of these are put together in the right places, the dog will have a lovely expression that shows kindness, intelligence and faithfulness.
He or she should have a double coat, thick and dense. When he is in full coat, it will soften the angles of the dog. The tail is very important and should look like an otter tail. Short and thick at the base.
Temperament is the hallmark of a true labrador. He is a charming companion, very docile and gentle with children and not quarrelsome with other dogs. He is naturally clean and is a most excellent house dog and a watchdog of great discrimination.

Our focus is not just a pretty face, but a healthy, structurally correct retriever with a temperament beyond reproach.