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We provide Top Quality Golden Retrievers and Labrador Retrievers with Top of the line Pedigree’s, with full registration and show potential.
We provide shipping for international custumers.
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We are Andreea, Radu and Violeta Cletiu.
We have been showing and breeding English Golden Retrievers and Labrador Retrievers for over a decade.
I am Andreea Cletiu, 30 years old, I graduated as a veterinarian in 2009, and also finished my masters degree in 2011,
with the specialization in Veterinary Hygiene and Epidemiology.
I am passionate about showing the dogs in Dog Shows, I have successfully showed dogs for more than a decade, achieving numerous Championship titles, as well as important placings in classes at European Dog Shows. My aim is to raise quality specimens of this exceptional breed. Ensuring not only the right physical qualities but the proper social attributes as well. We hope that our English Golden Retrievers may, in the future, excel both in the show ring and in your hearts as a lovable family pet. Violeta Cletiu is an invaluable member of our kennel, she has dedicated her self body and soul, to loving and caring for our dogs. She is a devoted surrogate mother for our young pups, and a very good trainer. Radu Cletiu, is an accomplished artist, that also has the luxury to be able to work from home, and spend as much time as possible in the presence of our lovely dogs, that many times are the inspiration and models for his artworks.His support and guidance has been vital for our breeding program and show success that we have experienced over the years.

For any information, please contact us: clearpassionkennel@yahoo.com

We are located in TIMISOARA, str. ALUNIS nr. 13, ROMANIA

 tel. 0749033978, 0741135371

               link6 True love for English Golden Retrievers is the reason for CLEAR PASSION KENNEL’s existence.
Sometimes they are reffered to as European Cream Golden Retrievers, British Cream Retrievers or White Retrievers
The English Golden Retriever’s extraordinary qualities – wonderful temperament, bubbly personality, active and outgoing nature
with that proud and intelligent bearing- inspired this site dedicated to our true and loyal friend.
Clear Passion kennel’s vision is to let other people experience the same fine qualities of the English Cream Golden Retriever/ European Golden Retriever.